Discount Dental Plans

Medicare does not cover routine dental work. Fortunately, has affiliations with private discount dental plans that cover all your dental needs.

Benefits Include:

● Savings up to 60% on most procedures

● Choose from 100,000+ participating dentists

● Immediate enrollment and quick plan activation

● Qualified Customer Service to assist you

● No unnecessary paperwork hassles

● Discounts on Specialty

● No Health restrictions


Discount Dental Plans Offer Savings On:

● Exams                                                              ● Gum Surgery

● Cleanings                                                        ● Dental Implants

● X-Rays                                                             ● Fillings

● Fluoride Treatments                                       ● Crowns

● Root Canals                                                    ● Bridges

● Braces                                                             ● Dentures

● Wisdom Teeth Extractions                             ● Plus Many Other Procedures


If you are considering a Medicare Dental Plan, you should consult with a Medicare Supplement Insurance agent to review your health care needs!